The items we display on this Site are an invitation to view and not an offer to sell the item to you.

The offer occurs when you place an order. The order process on this Site is through a series of instructions. We will not be bound, unless we have received your order online through this Site.

The following is a series of order process instructions on this Site:

  1. Before you place an order on this Site, you can view, choose and shop on this Site, according to the menu available on this Site.
  2. You can choose the items you like by pressing or clicking on the available menu on the Site’s screen. These choices will be stored in your cart.
  3. You can double-check your choices, including adding or subtracting choices in your trolley, before deciding to complete the item selection (check-out) and proceed to the order process.
  4. When you agree to complete the item selection (check-out), we will ask you to enter your user id and password, if you are already a member on this Site, or fill out a Sign Up Form to register or log in as a new member on this site.
  5. After you are registered as a member on this Site, the menu on this Site will automatically provide an order code and request your confirmation to choose the procedure for picking, shipping address, shipping procedures and payment procedures according to your convenience.
  6. To provide comfort, convenience and certainty when making online payment transactions for ordering goods on this Site, we have implemented a payment system with a choice of payment methods (transfer to our Bank account).
  7. For payments using the choice of payment method via transfer to our Bank account, the conditions below apply:
  8. We will provide a confirmation email for your order if you use the payment method option via transfer to our Bank account;
  9. You must make a payment by transferring to our Bank account within no later than 24 (twenty four) hours after placing an order;
  10. We will send an e-mail to remind you to make a payment by transfer to our Bank account if we have not received payment within no later than 24 (twenty four) hours after the e-mail confirmation that we sent to you.
  11. The following are our bank account details in connection with the method of payment via transfer or transfer:

Bank                            : Mandiri
Name                          : Kelana Idea Sahabat

Account Number :1370012948168

  1. You must include your booking code number when making a payment by transfer to our Bank account;
  2. You must confirm payment to us through this Site by selecting the available payment confirmation menu and entering your booking code number, within no later than 24 (twenty four) hours after payment by transfer to our Bank account.
  3. for payment transactions that have been successfully carried out, we will provide an e-mail confirmation of your payment through the e-mail address listed in your personal data, no later than 1 (one) business day after the payment is successfully made and properly recorded with the bank related;
  4. if you have made a payment to us without including your booking code number when making a payment via transfer to our Bank account and failing to confirm payment to us (as stipulated in item (f) above), then we reserve the right to cancel your order;
  5. in the event that we cancel your order for reasons as stipulated in point (h) above, we can process your order again but we cannot guarantee the availability of the goods you ordered earlier and if the items you ordered are not available then we will provide vouchers worth the price of items that are not available. we can only send each item you order after we receive your payment confirmation and the funds have been entered into our account according to the price of the item you paid as mentioned in item (d) above;
  6. if the item you ordered is not available and you have made payment via transfer to our Bank account and confirmed payment to us (as stipulated in item (f) above), then we will offer a return in the form of (i) a voucher worth the price for any items that are not available, or (ii) cash that will be paid through book-entry or transfer to your bank account; the return process in the form of a voucher or cash as stated above will take no later than 2 (two) working days after the confirmation date of the return choice you have given us.
  7. All your bookings on this Site are conditional on our acceptance of your order, based on these Terms and Conditions.
  8. We keep details of your order for you to access, but only at certain times that are not too long. Therefore, we hope that you print and keep proof of your order and payment as set out in these Terms and Conditions for your records.

If you need information about your order, please contact us at the telephone number +62 812 2629 9393 or at the e-mail address The customer service center is open Monday to Friday, 9 AM until 6 PM.


We enforce every payment and / or debit on your credit card will use Indonesian currency, Rupiah (IDR.). The prices listed on this Site can be displayed in foreign currencies but on each payment and / or debit on your credit card you will use the Indonesian currency, Rupiah (IDR.) According to the conversion value of foreign currency to Indonesian currency, Rupiah (IDR.) That applies to our bank.


We can send orders to all countries. To provide comfort, convenience and certainty of receipt of your ordered goods, we will make shipments of goods orders through the shipping service courier service that has cooperated with us.

You assure us that the address of the delivery of the goods as you provide us through this Site is true and correct, therefore you hereby release us from any form of claim or claim from any party.

We will inform you the shipping costs based on the shipping distance and the weight of the items, and use the courier service that shipped with us, which is currently JNE and Pos Indonesia (EMS). We strive to be able to ship all orders within 3-5 working days for domestic delivery and 3-10 business days for international shipments, from the receipt of your order by us and payment authorization from your credit card issuer.

We are not responsible for your mistakes and / or negligence in giving the address of the destination for the delivery of goods that are not correct or correct, so that your ordered items do not arrive at their destination on time. Retransmissions will be made based on reconfirmation by e-mail or telephone on the address of the destination of your goods.



We do not accept returned items if the item that received by customer has a complaint with the size (the right size table is provided when clicking on the desired item). However, if the item received by customer has damage, we will exchange it. Returns and / or exchange of purchases can be done through courier shipping services or at one of our stores within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of receipt recorded on the courier of the shipping service, provided that the buyer has your original receipt / purchase receipt . Hopefully you will contact us first, either by e-mail or telephone, before making a return and exchange of goods to be able to verify first as stipulated in these Terms and Conditions.

You can return or exchange the product by sending back through the same courier delivery services, the return shipping costs will not be covered by Mitranawa.

You can return products that have been purchased from us, with the following conditions:

Mitranawa will assist with the return and / or exchange of products by providing a voucher worth the price of the product, repairing the product, or exchanging it for the correct item in accordance with the conditions set out in the Terms.

If your package has not arrived within the delivery time that you have specified, please contact us at:


Phone: +62 812 2629 9393

Mitranawa will be responsible for any items lost during the shipping process.

We reserve the right to assess the condition and age of returned products before offering an exchange with vouchers or repairs and not with cash. Products purchased under SALE (discounts) cannot be exchanged or returned to us, unless there is a defect that is not informed on this site by re-attaching the form included in your order. Damaged Sale products can also be exchanged (not returned) in our shop in Yogyakarta with proof of purchase, the goods will be exchanged depending on the availability of goods.