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Guide to Shop at

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This is a 8 step to step guide to help you with how to purchase your favourite items from Mitranawa. Scroll down to learn more!


1. Click at menu bar ( ) in to start shopping.

2. You can choose directly from our section.

3. Once you have chosen a product that you would like to purchase, click “add to cart”.

Click this button for every item you would like to purchase as you continue browsing or you can click on “view cart” to finish your shopping.

4. This is your shopping cart – you can may review your items and adjust the quantity of each by clicking on the arrows and click on update cart .

If you have a coupon code from us, write on the box and click apply coupon. If you are ready to pay, click on “SHIPPING METHOD” and “CHECK OUT”.

5. This is your check out page
Here you can check your order and shipping method and fill in the shipping details required fields.

6. Here the details your order and you can check your email to complete the payment.

7. For payment confirmation, you can
click on the link in the order confirmation email you will receive

Or click “PAYMENT CONFIRMATION” on your dashboard member at

8. Complete the payment confirmation